Thursday, November 30, 2006

growing too fast!

Nolan's outgrown his 0-3 clothes. I have them packed up ready to go to Mary Ann for her new baby (I think she'll have him tomorrow).

Nolan is now in HUGE 3-6 month clothes. I kept him 0-3 as long as I could. I finally decided it was time to put him in sleepers big enough for him to stretch his legs.

He now smiles and laughs and talks. We've found a couple of his tickle spots.

On a sad note: Nolan is now wearing the size Caleb was wearing when he passed away. I was pulling some of the last things Caleb wore out for Nolan this morning. It was hard. The outfits have so many memories - good and bad. I don't know if I'll be able to dress Nolan in those clothes. We'll see.

Remember how I told you about my friend E? She is scheduled for a c-section tomorrow. She will be 34 weeks. Pray for her, the new one, her hubby, and their 5-year-old.


Mrs. S said...

Prayers being sent out for your friend E and her family (new and previously-existing members alike).

It's so exciting that Nolan is so big now! He's giving Zoe a run for her money in the big-baby department. ;)

Mary Ann said...

By the way...I did not have my baby on Friday...sorry Elizabeth! Who am I kidding...sorry me! Yeah for the new clothes. E is doing well. The baby is in NICU for observation. He is doing well. The doctors estimate that he should be home by Christmas...but most of you know how that estimating thing goes with NICU. He is able to breathe on his own, but is getting a little help with the nasal canula. E says thanks for the prayers!

miraclebaby said...

I'm glad your little Nolan is growing so well!